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17 March 2014

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If you love watching news or sports shows on television then at times you may consider the prospect of tuning into them while working on your PC. Well its now possible get your daily dose of infotainment and your favorite shows on your PC with the help of the remarkable MondoPlayer application. It comes loaded with a host of features that allows you seamlessly watch a variety of streaming videos on your system with ease and offers you the chance to share and tag your favorite shows. With numerous interesting videos available at any given moment the MondoPlayer can jazz up your entertainment quotient by leaps and bounds.

The MondoPlayer application is a very effective platform that is specifically geared towards showcasing videos. It boasts of a powerful search option allows you to quickly dig up your favorite video stream. Its auto play feature ensures that once a video ends another starts playing in its place without intervention. The application allows you to play multiple videos at one time. So you can keep the soccer game going one part of the screen while you listen to your favorite music video. It gives you the option to shift the sound from one video to another dynamically. Incidentally you drill down to a specific show of your choice by browsing through the relevant subcategories or searching by keywords. If you like a particular show you can tag it and share it with other users of the platform. Further it gives you the option to create your own custom stream based on your viewing interest.

Overall our experience with the MondoPlayer application was quite rewarding and we were suitably impressed by its performance. We mark it with a score of 4 stars on account of its well thought out feature set and its extensive collection of active streams.

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Never miss Breaking News, Sports Highlights or the latest in Music. Mondo Player gives you aggregated video clips in continuous play streams from top web sources. As video clips are published to the web they are automatically delivered to your video streams. Get comprehensive coverage with no effort. Mondo Player gives you a convenient and easy way to consume video on the web. Use Mondo Player's search to dynamically create streams of video clips from all over the web. Or use Mondo Player's personalized Tag Cloud which adapts to your personal preferences to give you clips that match your interests. See an interesting clip you would like to share? Add it to a stream and it will be automatically delivered to users viewing that stream on Mondo Player. Want to watch News and Music streams at the same time? You can fill your screen with video streams that play in separate windows so you can watch several video streams at once. Get your entertainment the easy way. No more need to search for individual clips or visit multiple sites. Mondo Player delivers the clips to you automatically. Mondo Player is the best way to watch video on the internet. Mondo Player is available in Beta for Windows 7 and 8. Android is coming soon.
Version 2.3
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